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My name is Esteban Martinez, a New Mexico bred Full Stack Web Developer. I've taken my experiences as a hard working athlete and paired them with modern web development skills to become an asset to the tech world. Whether working solo or on a development team, I love solving problems through critical thinking, making websites responsive for any device and collaborating with clients to achieve goals.


Team Player

My history with competitive team sports has taught me how to work with different personalities, teams and game plans. I know how to push myself, and have the belief that winning teams begin with strong individuals.

UX/UI Ideas

I collaborate with clients and employers to brainstorm ideas into well thought out designs. Being able to clearly communicate and quickly adapt is something I pride myself in.

Coding Skills

HTML 5 | CSS3 | Sass
JavaScript (ES6) | Vue.js | Bootstrap 4


A quick overview of my development history

Meridian Six

Websites, Advertising & Graphic Design

Front-end contract developer

Front end developer working with HTML, CSS/Sass, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL to build custom Wordpress themes from the ground up.

  • Writing custom PHP to build Wordpress backend functionality using Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types
  • Custom styling using CSS/Sass and adding dynamic features using JavaScript
  • Experience with the WooCommerce Plug-in for e-commerce sites
  • Converting PSD to Wordpress site.
  • Making older websites responsive using modern techniques such as Bootstrap 4, Flexbox and CSS Grid

Junior Web Developer

Internship out of boot camp where I worked with a development team to design and build custom websites and applications. Worked with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Wordpress on a daily basis.

  • Contributed to two major projects where I wrote custom PHP and CSS to style and test.
  • Utilized GIT and Github to contribute and share work with teammates
  • Used custom post types and custom fields to add functionality to Wordpress projects
  • Focused on Responsive Design using Flexbox

Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp Grad

12 week full time intensive Full Stack Web Development training, learning OOP with PHP, database management with SQL, and Front End engineering with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), Bootstrap 4, Angular 4.

  • Built a full stack application on a small team using PHP, MySQL and Angular
  • Utilized GIT and Github to contribute and share work with teammates
  • Learned and applied the fundamentals of web development, including how to write clean DRY code, development processes such as wireframing and data design, and live deployment


I've had the priviledge of working with other developers, contributing both back and front end code, as well as building projects myself, for example this website! Here are a few pieces of my work.
CNM Ingenuity, Inc.

Custom built Wordpress theme during my internship as part of a development team. Used PHP, CSS, custom fields, custom post types and JavaScript.

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Montezuma Lodge Santa Fe

Converted PSD to Wordpress site. Wrote back end in PHP with ACF and CPTs, styled front end with CSS. Focused on site responsiveness by using Flexbox.

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Laura Ellis Art

Converted a PDF into a fully responsive Wordpress website using PHP, ACF and CPTS for the backend, and styled the front end using SCSS, Flexbox and jQuery.

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To help me reach my goals of continued learning, I like to use my free time to build little things which push me out of my comfort zone. This forces me to study and learn new things, broaden my skill set and practice my skill.

Vue.js Coach Helper

A simple Vue.js app that helped me learn the fundamentals of the framework. It does two things: allows coaches to record a roster and it allows coaches to build a practice schedule and scratch off drills when completed.

Check it out GitHub Repo

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